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First and foremost,THANK YOU! 

We say thank you because as a diner these days you have more options than ever.  If you are a repeat customer-A very blessed thank you because you just paid us the ultimate compliment-we got it right! Getting it right to us is combining the freshest ingredients with a warm inviting place to enjoy among family and friends. 

Why Neapolitan Pizza?

With all the pizza “styles” NY, Chicago, Detroit, California, etc…why choose to serve Neapolitan? Our #1 reason… There is no place to hide.  No mountain of cheese to cover ingredients. No thick crust to fight through.  Fresh, high quality ingredients combined with wood fire give our finished product a unique and authentic taste. We do not have a freezer or a microwave in our restaurant’s kitchen.

Everything is prepared fresh daily.

Reason #2: Naples is where it all began and very little has changed in 180 years. The first pizzeria to ever open: Antica Pizzeria Port’ Alba in Naples, Italy in 1830 (still open today). That is why we call our company Pizza “Napoli”, the Italian word for Naples-birthplace of Pizza.

Our meatballs and marinara: Joe’s family has been making these meatballs and “sauce” for 4 generations that trace back to the city of Cutro in the Calabrian region of Italy.

Our dough is made daily. The flour is type “00” from Naples as well as our San Marzano tomatoes.  Each dough ball is weighed ensuring each pizza starts out the exact same size.  However, not all pizzas will “look” the same. As the pizza is hand stretched and finished in a 900 degree oven, some of the pizzas want to take a look of their own. That’s why they are called “artisan”. Our oven was hand crafted in Naples Italy.  It takes center stage as it should.


We chose Mt Vesuvius as the center point in our logo and brand.  Even our oven is shape inspired by Mt Vesuvius.   It is because of the volcano that eclipses Naples that gives our ingredients the unique taste and characteristics.


Our passion for pizza not only stems from combining the living breathing elements of dough and fire, but also from our heritage of taking pride in nurturing family. We begin each day by offering you, our extended family, the very best dining experience possible.


Thank You and we hope we got it right so we can see you again!




Joe and Angie


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